Lake Maintenance


  • Lake Cleaning - removal of silt and weeds
  • Lake treatment
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Fishing Platforms
  • Wildlife Santuaries
  • Water Quality

Lake Management Service to maintain the quality of your lake environment for years to come

Over time, a lake will become silted up and overgrown with tumbleweed, the water may discolour and give off unpleasant odours. There may also be problems with overhanging or fallen trees and damage to fishing platforms and wildlife sanctuaries.

It is essential to perform regular maintenance work to:

  • Maintain the quality of the environment
  • Ensure it is safe place for wildlife and the public
  • Develop and grow the area as a wildlife habitat

Lake Cleaning

Sediment will build up over time and needs to be removed on a regular basis to maintain the lake for its original purpose. In order to protect any fish from harm or undue stress, they will be removed with large fish nets across the lake and kept in suitable temporary storage. The lake will be dredged with a large 360 degree mechanical digger and the fish stock returned to the lake. All sludge will be removed from the site.

Pumps must also be maintained to ensure they are working efficiently and that the water is properly oxygenated.

We can treat your lake or pond to avoid problems with silt or smelly odours like rotten eggs. We can reduce the silt and stop the smells because your fish will die if this is not treated. The first signs are lack of fish movement, anglers catching fish or people saying it smells of eggs around the lake/pond. Maybe you just need someone that can maintain your lake or pond and not have the worry.

Lake Security 

R&M offer lake security around your lake. We konw how inportant it is to you.We also can arrange a bailief for your lake.
Please contact us for more information.