R&M Clarity Pro

R&M Clarity Pro is a more concentrated version of R&M Treat Clarity for the treatment of large ponds and lakes (minimum volume of 10,000 litres or 2,200 gallons). A 1 kg pot of Clarity Pro is equivalent to 5 to 6 pots of 1 kg Clarity which represents better value for money per cubic metre (1000 litres) of water treated.

R&M Clarity Pro is available in the following sizes: A 1 kg pot, which treats up to 176,000 litres (38,000 gallons) for 6 months at standard dose rates. A 3 kg pail, which treats up to 525,000 litres (116,000 gallons)

How much to apply? - simple method

The application rate for every 20,000 litres or 4500 gallons, or part thereof, is:
Initial Dose of 2.5 level scoops. Second Dose of 1.5 level scoops 2 weeks later
Maintenance Dose of 1 level scoop 2 weeks later and monthly thereafter

Example for a 35,000 litre pond: start with 5 scoops, then 3 scoops 2 weeks later then a Maintenance Dose of 2 scoops.

How much to apply? - calculated method

Calculate the pond volume in cubic metres (or yards). Divide this value by 1.6 to obtain the dose rate (d) in grams of Clarity Pro. The Initial Dose is 2.5 x d; the Second Dose is 1.5 x d and the Maintenance Dose is 1 x d.
One level scoop contains about 15 grams of Clarity Pro. Absolute accuracy is not essential - dose to the nearest half scoop. Example for a 35,000 litre pond. Dose rate, d = 35/1.6 = 22 grams. Initial Dose is 2.5 x 22 = 55 grams. Apply the Second Dose of 1.5 x 22 = 33 grams 2 weeks later. Finally apply the Maintenance Dose 1 x d = 22 grams 2 weeks later and monthly thereafter.
Please note that these dose rates are based on many years experience of treating problem ponds. However, it is impossible to produce an average set of dose rates that will work for all ponds under all conditions. If these dose rates are not working effectively for your pond, then try increasing the Maintenance dose rate slowly (e.g. once every 3 weeks, then once every 2 weeks etc) until the problem is brought under control. Thereafter it may be possible to return to the average dose rates.

There are certain basic steps that must be taken before R&M Clarity Pro is applied to your pond or lake.

Step 1: Remove as much of the blanket weed and algae as is practicable
Step 2: For ponds, it is essential that it is adequately oxygenated using either a pump and/or oxygenating plants
Step 3: If a UV unit is present, turn off the lamp before the first two doses are applied. Turn back on after 48 hours. Please note that the UV lamp does NOT need to be turned off for the Maintenance doses.
Step 4:  Look at the back of the pot to find out how much Clarity Pro you need to use. Add the required number of scoops to a   suitable container (e.g. a jug or bucket) of pond water.
Step 5: Stir vigorously to suspend the Clarity Pro in the water (it doesn't all dissolve). Some particles may sink to the bottom - this is perfectly normal. Leave the mixture for 2 to 4 hours, stirring occasionally.
Step 6:   Fill a watering can or bucket with pond water. Give the mixture a stir and then add to the watering can. It is not critical to add all the particles which have sunk to the bottom of the jug.
Step 7:  Pour the contents of the watering can over the surface of the pond. Try to do this as evenly as possible. This is less critical in ponds which re- circulates water rapidly.
Although these photographs show a pot of Clarity being used, they apply equally to Clarity Pro

Why are Natural Ponds so Clear? In nature, bacteria maintain balance. Bacteria are nature's invisible cleaners and millions of these cleaning bacteria are present in healthy ponds, removing the food required by algae and blanketweed for growth. How does R&M Clarity Pro work? R&M Clarity Pro makes sure that your pond has sufficient cleaning bacteria to keep it healthy. In the pond, the bacteria leave the powder carrier and get to work cleaning the pond.

Is it Safe for Fish and Plants?

YES. R&M Clarity Pro contains a blend of bacteria naturally present in healthy ponds. As the bacteria start working they create a healthier environment for your fish, plants and other wildlife. It is also harmless to humans and animals.How quickly does it Work?

A pond is a complex ecosystem. The time taken for bacteria to establish varies according to the pond conditions and external factors. Improvements generally start to appear after 3 to 4 weeks although this process is slowed as temperatures fall, especially below 10 degrees Celsius. Can a UV Filter be used? UV filters must be switched off for the INITIAL DOSE & SECOND DOSE to allow the bacteria to establish themselves in the pond. The UV filter can be switched back on 48 hours after each dose and kept on during the Maintenance Doses. Can Tap Water be used to Top up a Pond?

Yes, but if the volume added in one go exceeds 25% of the total pond volume, then an additional Maintenance Dose must be added at this time.

Product Information

R&M Clarity Pro is a specially isolated consortium of naturally occurring, environmentally safe bacterial strains which possess an enhanced capability to extract and scavenge carbon (organic BOD), nitrogen (ammonia-N and nitrate-N) and phosphorus (orthophosphates) from fresh and salt water ponds, aquatic gardens, lakes, canals, tidal estuaries, wetlands, aquaculture/fish ponds and aquarium tanks. Using the existing organic debris in the surface water/sediment as a carbon source, the bacteria in Clarity Pro assimilate excess nitrogen and phosphorus from the treated water as a source of nutrients for cell growth and development, without harming fish and other aquatic life and without undue consumption of dissolved oxygen. By so doing, the microbes in Clarity Pro compete with nuisance algae for nutrients and have demonstrated considerable ability to prevent or decrease algal blooms entirely in many surface waters. Likewise, seeding of aquaculture tanks suffering from heavy organic loads and high ammonia levels immediately improves water quality by lowering dissolved nitrogen, reducing organic content (BOD) and increasing water clarity.

Product Benefits

  • Reduce organic debris (BOD) and improve water clarity in surface waters, aquatic gardens and aquaculture tanks through enhanced biological activity.
  • Reduce Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates and Phosphorus in entropic surface waters, fishponds and tanks through improved uptake and conversion by cell biomass. 
  • Digest organic sediments at a controlled rate
  • Control algae blooms without the use of toxic chemicals through the environmentally safe, natural process of direct biological competition for nutrients.
  • Lower pond scum and odours in stagnant surface waters

Environmental Safety

Clarity Pro cultures are originally derived from natural sources of soil and water, and utilize only non-living organic matter as a food source. They are non-hazardous, non-corrosive, non-pathogenic and harmless to humans, animals, aquatic life and plants. Some people are hypersensitive or allergic to some compounds and therefore direct contact with skin and eyes should be avoided.

Physical Properties

Formulation: Free-flowing tan coloured product containing a dried bacterial consortia on a wheat bran carrier, combined in proprietary ratios with food-grade nutrients and buffers.
pH: 6.8 - 7.2 (after re-hydration)
Potency: Greater than 100,000,000 colony forming units per gram
Shelf life: Minimum 3 years under cool, dry conditions. Temperatures below freezing have no significant effect, but the product must be thawed prior to use. Exposure to moisture may cause premature reactivation of the bacteria and consequent loss of potency.
Packaging: Available in 1 kg pots.

Growth Parameters

The bacteria in R&M Clarity Pro, like all bacteria, grow best under certain environmental conditions that influence their ability to biodegrade organic wastes and assimilate nutrients. The following conditions have been found to be acceptable for growth:
pH: 5.0 - 9.0. Optimum growth occurs in the range 6.6 - 7.4.
Dissolved oxygen: A minimum of 2 mg/L is desirable for optimum aerobic activity. However, the bacteria in Clarity Pro are facultative and will function in the absence of oxygen.
Temperature: 7°C - 43°C. Optimum growth range is 21°C - 37°C. Bacterial death will occur if exposed to sustained temperatures above 48°C.
Nutrients: The bacteria in Clarity Pro are designed to scavenge carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous, and bacterial activity will adopt levels equal to the quantity of nutrients present. Initial levels of 4 mg/l BOD, 1 mg/l total N and 0.05 mg/l total P have been shown sufficient to stimulate Clarity Pro activity.
Salinity: Clarity Pro bacteria are capable of good growth in typical salt water environments and brine waters up to 4% w/v salt.
Toxic chemicals: Clarity Pro bacteria are resistant to many toxic chemicals, including some pesticides and herbicides.