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R&M Conservation and Lake Construction Design

We have experience in a variety of different projects involving: conservation and lake construction; lake management and maintenance; working across the whole country. We are committed to delivering to your exact requirements and will advise you at every step of the process; utilising our knowledge of the relevant design and construction issues for your proposed development. We work closely with all the relevant authorities for planning and environmental issues; as well as key suppliers in both the development and business implementation.


A current conservation and lake construction project for a farm in South Yorkshire involves the development of an 8 acre site.  The site is not suitable for grazing and offers no other commercial use in its current state.  The brief is to create a conservation area which will become a breeding ground for the grey crested newt; facilitating the provision of grants for the implementation and maintenance of the conservation area.

The lake conservation and construction at the farm ranges from 2 to 3 metres in water depth, with a 1 metre deep safety shelf all around the perimeter. This in time will be planted up with reeds of which some have been reused from the original pond. Many existing trees have also been transplanted around the lake perimeter.

In early spring 2011  R&M CONSERVATION & LAKE CONSTRUCTION DESIGN LTD, will return to the site to complete the landscaping with wild flora grasses that will encourage local wildlife habitats. A clay sandbank prepared with holes will encourage the breeding of Kingfishers. Once the lake fills it will be stocked with small fish but the mixture of habitats and water plants means that a varied fishing experience will be on offer.

We promise to commit 100% to your project from start to finish as we only undertake one project at any time.  We work with you on a one to one personal basis to make sure all your requirements are fully met and that the commercial proposition becomes a reality.