Hello! Welcome to the home of R&M conservation & lake construction design ltd. We are a Lake Maintenance and conservation company and have been entertaining visitors for more than ten years now.

It is essential to perform regular maintenance work to:

  • Maintain the quality of the environment
  • Ensure it is safe place for wildlife and the public
  • Develop and grow the area as a wildlife habitat

Lake Maintenance

R&M Conservation and Lake Design Ltd can provide a one off service to meet your specific requirement but we recommend an annual lake management service to enable growth and to ensure your lake is maintained in the best possible condition. We will also provide advice on how you can improve the area or even earn additional income should you wish to consider these options.

Lake Management contracts give you a discounted rate on our services for a minimum of a 3 year contract. Fees are only paid on an annual basis when the service is completed.

For more details and a discussion on your specific requirements for lake management,please contact us.

Fishing platforms will rot and warp over time, not only diminishing the facility but potentially causing a safety hazard. We will repair and shore up these platforms, re-strengthening the banks ready for fishing.
Any the protection provided for any fishing sanctuary areas will also be inspected and repaired as necessary.

Any fallen trees or branches will be removed and overhanging trees pruned to maintain the appearance of the area. Bark will be chipped and can be used on the grounds for soft areas.
Lake Management Service

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